Ambuja Vidya Niketan (Upparwahi)

“Education is the movement from darkness to light”- Allan Bloom​, American philosopher & academician

AVN, Upparwahi is situated in the Korpana region of Chandrapur district. It is nestled with lustrous greenery all around. The school was established on July 18, 2001. Since its establishment the school has surged ahead and made remarkable progress in imparting holistic education to children so that they grew up to encounter the challenges of life. At AVN, Upparwahi we have started the smart class teaching in collaboration with TeachNext education. The abstract concept is made simpler with the help of in-depth explanation with diagrams. We have embraced interactive methodology of imparting education in the classroom. The teacher facilitates the discussion on any topic and regresses into the background leaving the forum of discussion on the students to steer through the discussion and come to a unanimous decision . The teacher is just a facilitator in our interactive classroom. Our teachers are well-qualified with a vast experience to their credit.

At AVN, Upparwahi we impart life-skill education, which evaluates the social , emotional and Thinking skills of students. We conduct talks on various aspects of life skills and supplement our discussion with worksheets to students to measure their life skills through an array of well-defined rubrics.

We conduct a host of activities aimed at enhancing the communication skill of students. TED Talks, Quality Circle Time, Debate, Extempore and so on.

We have well-equipped Language Lab with a provision of 30 students accessing the system at a time. With the help of a set of pre-installed software programs as well as additional customised softwares by language teachers, we enhance the spoken and written competence of students. Language Lab is also a resourceful tool for ASL programme as implemented by CBSE in stds. IX, X and XI.

Besides language Lab we have Senior Computer Labs, Junior Computer Labs and Spacious Library with a stock of over 3000 books of all genres besides the reference books for students and teachers.

We at AVN, Upparwahi also impart Value Education to our students. It is provided with the help of talks on eminent personalities , role plays, value based visuals on digital classes, morning assembly sarvadharma prayers and skits.

We at AVN, Upparwahi encourage the physical fitness of our students as we believe in the maxim ‘ Heathy Mind dwells in Healthy Body’. With this objective in mind we encourage students to participate in intra-House and Inter-School sports and games. A separate practice session post –school hours has also been earmarked for students so that they bring laurels for their school in regional , national and international events. We have also recently introduced Yoga classes for our students. A host of asanas, pranayams and free hand exercises are demonstrated to students in their respective hobby classes to give added impetus to their health.

We, at AVN, Upparwahi also host Career Counselling Sessions on a yearly basis so that our students get expert guidance regarding further course of their career. We have tied up with a Mumbai-based career counseling institutes Disha Careeer and Counselling Institutes with the objective of career counseling for students in mind.

We, at AVN, also empower Parents with the help of workshops , specially customised for them for empowering them with the CCE Curriculum so that they are able to guide students at home.

We, at AVN, Upparwahi, are in the advanced stage of CBSE ACCREDITATION process as we want to set the highest benchmark for others in imparting holistic education to our students.

Year of establishment of school is 2001.

Information Related to School

Whether NOC from State/UT or recommendation of embassy of India obtained? Yes from Maharashtra State
NOC No 2009/(48/09)SE-1
NOC issuing date 16.03.2009
Is the School recognised? If yes, by which Authority? Yes, C.B.S.E.
Name of Trust/Society/Company Registered Under Section 25 of the Company Act, 1956. Period up to which Registration of Trust / Society is valid Ambuja Vidya Niketan Trust Registered under Societies Regn Act,1960
Trust is valid up to Valid upto
Status of Affiliation Provisional Affiliation
Affiliation No. 1130110
Affiliation with the Board since 01.04.2006
Extension of affiliation up to 31.03.2022