About Us


The five schools under Ambuja Vidya Niketan Trust are situated in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh. These schools are doing yeoman service for the wards of ACL employees.

A total of 4,540 students study at these five schools catering to employees of each Integrated Plant.

As a CSR measure, these schools provide quality education to the children of residents in the vicinity of the Plants. In fact our schools are attracting students from other nearby cement colonies, towns, etc. The benefit to the community is immense as all our schools are in remote areas where good school education was an insurmountable problem.

Ambuja schools have two distinct features which puts it in a class of its own; well-equipped infrastructure and quality staff. The tremendous jump in the academic results of the schools both in quality and quantity bear testimony to the excellence being achieved. Ambuja school students’ featuring in the CBSE Merit list are now a reality. Students are also regularly getting selected for various professional courses through competitive examinations.

Our students are participating in the fields of arts, sports and science and achieving many laurels at both, the state and national level competitions. Regular workshops for students on soft skills and many co-curricular activities, including career guidance and counseling sessions add to the richness of the school culture. Faculty development, through various in-house and external trainings and workshops are the key areas in growth and development of our schools.

Future plans include getting accreditation for all schools from CBSE, organising inter school cultural meets and conducting common internal exams, among others.