“The foundation of every state is education of its youth”- Diogenes Laertius​, Greek philosopher​

“A school is a place where one learns both the importance of knowledge and its limitation. It is a place where one learns to observe the world without a particular point of view or conclusion. One learns to look at the whole of man’s endeavour, his search for beauty, his search for truth and a way of living that is not a contradiction between conclusion and action. It is a place where both teacher and the taught learn a way of life in which conflict ends. It is the concern of these schools to bring about a new generation of human beings who are free from self-centered action, to bring about a mind that has no conflict within itself and so end the struggle and conflict in the world about us.” – J. Krishnamurti

Ambuja Vidya Niketan is a well-established senior secondary, co-educational, English medium school located in the salubrious pristine environment of the Gujarat state, which promises to deliver quality education with an emphasis on deep rooted value education system.

The school lays emphasis to make the child a global citizen, a proud Indian and above all a good human being.

This beautiful edifice of learning was constructed by Ambuja Cement in 1991. It has all the modern amenities to facilitate the pursuit of teaching learning process. It has well-equipped laboratories and library, art, audio visual room, e-learning for every classroom and also a huge playground to nurture the child’s talent and develop all faculties of intellectual, physical and ethical personality. The school has well-qualified staff which instills desire for lifelong learning and encourages the young students to become trendsetter’s for the future.

Aware of the unique individual talent of children, we follow an instructional strategy that suits their individual styles which helps them achieve excellence in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

The educational environment provided here, ensure the students feel secure, empowered, energised and elated in pursuing learning experiences to their maximum potential. There is a strong relationship and collaboration among students, parents, staff, management and community that helps strengthens the educational opportunities and also develops a strong value system. Here we work collectively to provide holistic education and safe environment where everyone can learn and respect one another.

Year of establishment of school is 1991.

Information Related to School

Whether NOC from State/UT or recommendation of embassy of India obtained? Yes from State
NOC No BMSH – 1992
NOC issuing date 28.08.1992
Is the School recognised? If yes, by which Authority? Yes, C.B.S.E.
Name of Trust/Society/Company Registered Under Section 25 of the Company Act, 1956. Period up to which Registration of Trust / Society is valid Ambuja Vidya Niketan Trust Registered under Bombay Public Trust Act,1950
Trust is valid up to Permanent
Status of Affiliation Provisional Affiliation
Affiliation No. 430018
Affiliation with the Board since 01.07.1991
Extension of affiliation up to 31.03.2020